I've been building games since my first computer, the magnificent TI-99/4A.


Since then I've built games and game modifications (mods) for the Apple II, DOS, Unix, 3DO, Mac OS, Windows and Web browsers (Shockwave, Flash, Java, javascript, PERL, PHP).

My most recent games have all been designed as downloadable games and for play in a Web browser. These types of games are often called "casual" games.

Some of the most recent games I've designed and developed are:

Atomic Pongling IconAtomic Pongling - Windows, MacOS, Web
A wacky combination of bowling and pong set in a retro-futuristic universe. (RealArcade Developer's Shootout Winner)
>> Download or try it at Playtonium

Wordsense Challenge IconWordsense Challenge - Windows, MacOS, Web
A fast-paced word game where you rack your brain to beat the clock.
>> Download or try it at Playtonium

Mega Monty IconMega Monty - Windows
A stylish combination of slots, poker, and roulette.
>> Download or try it at Boxerjam

All Games IconAll Games - Various Platforms
For a list of all games that I've been involved in developing, see the all-games list.