I've built a variety of applications over the years. These have generally been built with Macromedia Director (a great tool for rapid application development or RAD).

Recently, I've gotten interested in home-theater-oriented applications. I've built several apps for my Windows Media Center PC. The first of these apps is Simply Weather. It is provided here for free. Use it at your own risk. All of my Media Center apps have been designed and tested on my HTPC (Home Theater PC) only.

Simply Weather IconSimply Weather - Windows Media Center Edition
Unsatisfied with any of the other weather plug-ins for MCE, this app is an attempt to display the most relevant information on one screen. It displays the current conditions, a five day forecast and an animated radar image. The weather data comes from the free XML feed and the radar images are pulled from whatever url the user specifies.
>> Check out a Screenshot from Simply Weather
>> Download for Windows MCE

Fortune IconFortune - Windows
The fortune program is a mainstay of Unix startup humor. This is an update to a little program I whipped up when I realized that there didn't seem to be a Fortune program for Windows. After installed, it presents you with a funny/insightful/weird/geeky fortune. They're not all gems, but my day is always brighter after I get my fortune.
>> Download for Windows