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Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Rett Crocker




Professional History

Adveractive, Inc./Playtonium, Executive VP, Chapel Hill, NC


Adveractive has led the way in creation of Web games, advergaming, and, most recently, casual games and mobile entertainment technologies.

Instrumental in all areas including management, design, development, budgeting and producing for the casual game market (12 games), Fortune 500 clients (over 50 games) and for our own popular Playtonium.com entertainment site (35 games). Award winning products include: casual game Atomic Pongling, 3D Web game Pinball Escape, Web creativity application The Playtonium E-Card Creator and Web site Playtonium.com. Spearheaded entry into the mobile phone business, including development of new technologies for production of quality media for mobile phones.

Atomic Pongling, 2003

Lead designer, producer and developer of Atomic Pongling, a combination of bowling and Pong with a retro-future style. Atomic Pongling is a winner in the 2003 RealArcade Developer's Showdown.

Wordsense Challenge, 2002

Wordsense Challenge is solitaire-speed-Scrabble-with-explosions and was Adveractive's entry into the field of casual games. Wordsense Challenge was the best-selling game on Playtonium.com for 8 months.

Pinball Escape, 2001

Pinball Escape is a true 3D Web game in which players try to guide a pinball safely through a dangerous world. Reminiscent of the classic game Marble Madness. For it's effective use of 3D use of the Havok physics engine and overall fun gameplay, it was awarded Macromedia Site of the Day.

Playtonium.com, 2004

Redesigned Playtonium.com over a 3 month period improving usability and management of Web site. Playtonium has won numerous awards and been recognized as one of the best destinations on the Web.

Playtonium E-Card Creator, 2001

A complex creativity application that allows users to make a custom E-Card from thousands of animations, sounds, music, and images. Utilized thorough understanding of Shockwave, Flash, Javascript, VBScript, PHP, Perl, MySQL, database design, XML, HTML, and network protocols. The E-Card Creator has been featured on TechTV, BBC, and dozens of Web sites.

ESPN Shelfball, 2003

An advergame created for ESPN.com based on a series of commercials about an office game called Shelfball. The comedic game contained an environment full of fun interactive elements. The development cycle for the game was an incredibly short two weeks.

Kit & Kaboodle, LLC, Chief Technologist, Atlanta, GA


An educational startup funded by the National Science Foundation and NASA. Intended as a textbook replacement, this primary science curriculum was used by classrooms in 1400 schools. Curriculum included games, creative activities and distance collaboration.

Virtual University International, CTO, Atlanta, GA


Established by a former president of Georgia Tech, VUI was intended to be the world's first 100% online accredited university.

Zapgun Interactive, Founder and President, Atlanta, GA


Software development company with clients including Frito-Lay, ESPN, TBS, and IBM.

Star Wars Games for Frito-Lay, 1999

Part of the release of Star Wars: Episode 1, a series of games that players had to complete successfully in order to enter a sweepstakes.

Coca-Cola Nascar Game for ESPN, 1999

Part of a cross-promotion for Nascar, Coca-Cola, and ESPN.

Intellimedia, Inc., Software Development Manager, Atlanta, GA


Intellimedia created games and sports education products for 3DO, Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, and laser disk. Additionally, was an early leader in software development for the Web.

IBM, Inc., Programmer and Audio Engineer, Atlanta, GA


Developed The Book of Shadowboxes, a children's game for the Macintosh Classic and the first CD-ROM to use true CD quality audio.


University of California, Berkeley, Focus on Genetics and Graphic Design, 1989-1991